AccelSPINE is a forward thinking medical device company that strives to develop products and services that treat spinal disorders. The AccelSPINE portfolio showcases a wide range of complementary products that include a minimally invasive spine system, posterior cervical system, thoracolumbar system, anterior cervical plate system, interbody device options and biologics.

Based on a creative collective, AccelSPINE works closely with our surgeons to imagine and construct multifaceted implants and instruments that become works of art. Join us as we share our story and learn more about how science, mathematics and the arts blend to masterfully create the AccelSPINE experience.

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AccelSPINE has adopted and requires compliance with The Advanced Medical Technology Association’s (“AdvaMed”) Code of Ethics on Interactions with Health Care Professionals.

AccelSPINE’s General Counsel Aekta Patel on the Top Challenges MedTech Companies Face when Scaling

13 Medical Device and Technology Experts Reveal The #1 Challenge MedTech Companies Face When Scaling Several challenges face the medical device/technology industries today, beyond the ordinary product development and sales/marketing that other markets contend with. As medical device manufacturers, the main difficulty we face as we try to grow our business is… Compliance and regulatory […]